Apple Podcast

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UX/UI, Product Design, Usability Testing, User Research
Apple Podcast is the native podcast app for IOS systems. 
Problem Statement

How might we provide new features to Apple Podcasts to better the user experience by offering more customization and insight into what is suggested?


Apple Podcasts is an audio streaming service and media player application developed by Apple Inc. for downloading, streaming, discovering, playing, and sharing podcasts. This new update will allow the user to have more access to personal customization. Giving the user the ability to choose what sections are shown on what pages, customizable playlists, who can see what on their profile, and vice versa.

An additional feature of this update is a new section called For You where users are able to rate, recommend, and vote on their favorite podcasts for other users to see. This section was created to give the user more insight into podcasts other than what's generated for them. An in-app version of a real-world take discovering something via word-of-mouth.

Role: UX/UI Designer & Researcher
Tools: Figma, Miro, FigJam
Timeline: 8 weeks


Many users feel it is crowded with features not relevant to their listening experience and that it negatively impacts their use of the app.


• Internet Research & Surveys
• Competitive Analysis
• User Research Plan
• User Interviews
• Usability Testing

Proposed Updates

• To allow users to create a truly customizable experience 
• To allow users to organize their shows and episodes to their specifications 
• Add-in tools to increase usability in different situations and add delight 
• Add a social aspect to the app to tap into the already robust podcast fan community
• To create a less cluttered and more informative interface

Target Audience

Patients who are required to perform physical therapy to help aid them in recovering from an injury or underlining problem causing them pain or restriction in their normal day-to-day activities.


• Ideate
• Research
• Concept
• Design
• Test

Competitor Analysis

Many users switched to Spotify due to a lack of customizable organization 
• Potential for social connection
• Features to enhance their listening experience, ie. sleep timers, playlists, etc.
• Opportunity to have music and podcasts in one location.

Usability Testing and Interviews

Usability Plan

User Testing Round One

Erica, 24, Recreational Therapist 
Lacy, 25, Graphic Designer 
Jeremy, 29, UX Designer 
Serena, 35, University Instructor

• A toggle feature to hide/show certain sections built into the layout would be helpful for users and save them time from having to go into the settings to customize their layouts

• A better way to organize/setup podcast episodes in each individual user's way. Many have their own methods of organization and want to be able to set up their playlists in each's own style.

• Lack of control over the app and bad UX caused many users to leave for other streaming services

User Testing Round Two

Erica, 24, Recreational Therapist 
Lacy, 25, Graphic Designer 
Jeremy, 29, UX Designer 
Alvaro, 27, Cook
Lina Rendon, 43, Director of Communications

• A feature to filter between podcasts in different languages was suggested.

• More customization in the sleep timer was suggested.

• Having a notifications style setup would be interesting to have when a user first opens the app to see what they missed, or what was shared with them.